The ease of lockdown in Nigeria.

 As the world continues to struggle to find the cure /vaccine for Covid-19, governments of different countries have come up with measures to help contain the spread of the virus. Nigerian Politicians and policymakers are always in a haste to copy policies from the developed countries without considering the peculiarities that make us different.

Despite the lockdown, the index cases have continued to rise astronomically for the following reasons;

    1.     Social distancing is a privilege and luxury that only a few can afford in Nigeria as most people live below the poverty line. Their living/working spaces are always crowded and many of these people live from hand to mouth. What this means is that many Nigerians live by what they make daily. Hence, forcing them to stay at home is more like a death sentence.

    2.    Washing of hand with running water also has its challenges as many homes in Nigeria do not know what running water looks like in their place of abode.

    3.    Our health sector is nothing to write home about.

Covid-19 has come to show how bad, our leaders over the years have mismanaged our economy and national wealth and I hope we learn and make things right from now on.

Lockdown is being relaxed, not because we are winning the battle against the virus, but because the government both at the state and federal level cannot afford to meet the needs of its citizens.

They know that continuously keeping people at home may have very unpleasant consequences as we have witnessed an increase in crime rate these past few weeks because a lot of people are hungry and the criminal-minded ones among us have begun to use it as an excuse to perpetuate their evil acts.

As the lockdown is being eased down today, people should be very careful.

Those that can afford to stay home/work from home should continue to stay home

Those who can’t should try as much as possible to take the necessary measures, especially wearing face masks in public places.

I hope that this will mark a turning point for us as a country.

Chidinma Onyemaobi


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The ease of lockdown in Nigeria.
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